The Official Blog of Dr. Scott Monk

The Official Blog of Dr. Scott Monk

Hope for Health, By Dr. Scott Monk

by Dr. Scott Monk on 03/01/11

“Where do I start?” the unwell ask in desperation. “Do I need to detoxify my liver? Cleanse my bowel? Eliminate my food allergies? Balance my hormones? Fix my sugar cravings? What about my insomnia, joint pain, migraines, and these nagging restless legs? Can it all somehow be connected?” Having already abandoned the traditional medical approach with its addiction to prescription drugs, some of these same confused souls are now growing disenchanted with the efforts of natural medicine as well, finding the process too laborious, time-consuming or expensive. “Surely, there must be a better approach to all of this?” they moan. It was in this context that Hope for Health was written and Functional Bio-Analysis was born.

Functional Bio-Analysis (FBA) is science-based complementary medicine technique that helps knowledgeable practitioners navigate the natural monitoring system present in all people. It is the primary goal of FBA to tap into the body’s neurological and energetic pathways in order to evaluate the functions within. With FBA, practitioners can follow a hierarchy of steps to find the vitamin, mineral, herb, or other agent that will positively impact multiple systems simultaneously, what is known as the hormetic effect.

Presently, there is only one method that allows a practitioner to utilize FBA to its fullest potential, namely, manual muscle testing. Despite being solidly grounded in neurology and basic body reflexes, this much maligned and poorly understood approach is still taboo for many. And yet, those curious enough to examine it for themselves will find that the precision of manual muscle testing, along with the power of FBA, can bring Hope for Health to those in greatest need.

Dr. Scott Monk, the author of Hope for Health and the founder of Functional Bio-Analysis (FBA), has been researching natural healing methods and treating patients holistically for the last 15 years. He currently practices and resides in the Denver metropolitan area with his wife, Carrie, and their five daughters.